A Dream in Venice

by Štěpán Zavřel


Further down, they discover another strange palace.

What are those numbers on the wall? Asks Marco.

The numbers show the water level, replies the little mermaid. Since Venice began to sink, every year they have marked the level of the water. See those workers on the roof? They repair the tiles. There are many people, technicians, engineers, scientists who continue to work stubbornly to preserve Venice, just as it was.

Who knows! Perhaps one day the water will go away, the fish, jellyfish and octopuses will disappear and Venice will return to life as before!" As Marco passes by, he sees that everything in the houses hasn’t changed at all. The children stare wide-eyed at the television, a little boy is crying while he takes his bath, a boy puts a large shell on his ear and he seems to hear the sound of the wind and the cries of seagulls flying in the clouds...